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Google has posted about another data issue with the Search Console reports, this one impacted the Discover reporting in the performance report section on October 23, 2022. This was a data logging issue that only impacted reporting, the Google Discover results were not directly impacted by this reporting bug.

What was the issue. Google said there was a “logging error” on October 23, 2022 specific to tracking and logging the Discover performance metrics in Search Console. As a result of this logging error, you may notice a drop in the Discover metrics on October 23rd.

Discover not impacted. While there was a bug with the reporting, this did not impact or change any actual real traffic from Google or Google Discover. This is solely a reporting issue and not an actual performance issue in Google Search or Google Discover.

What Google wrote. Google posted on October 23rd “A logging error caused a drop in Discover data on this day. This did not reflect a change in actual traffic, only an issue with data logging.”

Removed an issue. Google also seemed to remove the search feature bug annotation, it is unclear why the notation was removed but it has been removed from the list of data anomalies. Google later told us they removed that note because it is really not the place to document search feature bugs.

Why we care. If you notice a drop in your Search Console metrics for the Discover performance reports, you are not alone. This was a reporting issue only and did not actually impact your real traffic and impressions from Google Search or Google Discover.

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