• Where we are Calle Gregorio Marañón, 1
    33203 Gijón, Asturias

Corporate Group

The following companies are included in our group to provide the best service to our customers

Navinorte S.A.U.

Involved in dry cargo transport

Remolques Gijoneses S.A.

Tugowner – Keeping license to operate at the port of Gijón, offering port and ocean going towage services

Seamar S.L.U.

Shipmanager – Dedicated to ships ocean towage

Astur Sercomar S.L.U. - Astur-Náutica

It is involved in the sale, rental and repair of sport boats.

Astur Sercomar S.L.U. - Asturboards

Manufacture, repair and sale of surfboards.

Astur Sercomar S.L.U. - Sercomar

Sercomar – Store, Distribution and commercial services for marine products

Sumar S.L.

Marine and industrial supplies.

Consignaciones Asturianas

Stevedoring services

Ecoeficiencia e Ingeniería S.L.


The SUBSIDIARY companies are managed by the parent company. The subsidiary companies and the parent company form the corporate group.

The ASSOCIATED companies (managed by G. Junquera Marítima, S.L.) and AFFILIATED companies are not part of the group. However, they are used to complement and expand its activities.

OTHER STRATEGIC ALLIANCES provide auxiliary support and complementary services.